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If you enjoy what I do and want tu support me, there are several ways to do that. I appreciate each and every one of you, and I do my best to deliver you value in any way I can. If you cannot afford to support me financially that is completely fine - I have been there. Which leads me to the first thing you can do:

Share my Stuff!

If you see something that I made and you like it, share it! This is the best and easiest way to support me, and it does not cost you anything. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or whatever other social media you are on, share the video or blog post that you just enjoyed with your friends and the world. It is as easy as it sounds, and will go a long way to help my business grow.

Become a Patron!

Think of Patreon as recurring crowdfunding. You pledge a certain amount of money per creation of your favorite artist (in this case, that might as well be me) to support them in what they do. Pledges start at 1$, and you can limit the amount you want to give per month.

Depending on how much you give, there can be different reward levels, but frankly, I am still in the process of setting that up properly. If you have any suggestions that you think would convince you to pledge, please let me know!

Check out my ongoing campaign and become a Patron of Be Inspired with Dominic!

Make a One-Time Donation

You want to support me financially, but not on a recurring basis? No worries, I got you covered - and believe me, I have been there, too. There are two options for this:

Use the button below to support me via PayPal. This does not require a PayPal account (although that helps). Depending on where you live, credit card or bank account will suffice!

You can also buy me a Coffee!
(Disclaimer: I don't drink coffee. It will more likely be hot chocolate or a tea. Possibly a beer).

Get some Merch!

If you are into wearable and usable stuff you should check out Redbubble. There you can get t-shirts with my logo on them and a couple of other, makng related designs. I will add more designs over time, so make sure to follow my shop over there just in case.

Get my Stuff!

I do have an Etsy store where I sometimes post things that I have made. You can find more traditional pieces that did not warrant a video there as well as those tea light holders that need to go because my wife thinks you can only have a limited amount of those. Love ya, hun!

But don't be surprised if the shop is currently empty. New things will come, so why not follow me if you are interested?