2×4 competition entry – Young Woodworker’s Toolchest


Introducing the Young Woodworker’s Toolchest. So It finally has arrived – my entry to Summer’s Woodworking’s 2×4 competition, after hours and hours of trash talking (and procrastinating). It is meant as a toy (for children, not the kind that comes with a plug and push sticks) and contains a collection of basic woodworking tools. I made a mallet, two chisels, an angle gauge, a measuring stick, a square, a handsaw and a plane.

Like I said in the video, I did paint everything in vibrant colors I still had in the shop – the kind of colors that you can buy to mix your own when painting walls and ceilings. I did not spray them with and kind of lacquer or surface finish both because I want the pieces to look natural – and I kinda ran out of time and patience. The natural look is also the reason for the intentional burr on the chissels’ back end.

The design for the tool chest is inspired by a metal one I have in my shop which I use for outside projects during summer, and I have always liked the mechanism since it prevents the chest from opening while you carry it around. I also enjoyed making finger joints, and I expect to use the jig again soon for other boxes, although I am uncertain about the prominent fingers. I had a little Greene & Greene in mind when I decided to leave them as they are, but it does not really translate to the finished model. Then again, I do not think that they substract from it either.

One thing I want to mention about this contest is that it is not only aa great opportunity to be creative, but also to crack open some thinking patterns, so to speak. Seeing what others made from a single 2×4 really inspired me, and while I thought I had a place outside the box there are others who showed me that there are more boxes than I even thought possible.

So once again, a big thanks to Brian from Summer’s Woodworking and all the sponsors involved in making this contest happen – check them out on the contest page, where you can also find all the other great entries.


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