Want to support my work?

If you enjoy what I do and, more importantly, get inspired by it, there are a number of ways



Share my Videos!

Sharing is caring! With two clicks, you can share a video with all your friends on Twitter, Facebook or Reddit. Not only does that help me out, it also helps your friends see what impeccable taste you have!

And if you have a question, write a comment or contact me through social media. This way I can answer your questions and know what to improve upon next time.



Go Shopping!

If you are shopping on Amazon, there is a way for you to support me, and it does not cost you anything! If you use this link here, Amazon will give me a small part of the revenue generated, at no cost to you.

RedBubble is a place where you can get logos and pictures on any number of items. You can find my logo(s) there, but also a number of designs that I have deemed funny enough to publish. Why not check them out to see whether I have deemed correctly?


Want to support me financially?

You have been inspired time and again, and want to show your support more directly? One way is to send me a direct donation via PayPal.me.

The better way would be a monthly pledge through Patreon. 1$ per month may not seem like much, but for me it would go a long way. You will also get early access to my videos, and additional perks in the future. And I have been known to send tealight holders to my patrons every now and then.